Automatically Initializing Endpoint to Receive Webhooks

I am using as my payments processor and I want to update my users’ information on my Bubble database anytime a payment is made through the alert webhooks sent by Paddle. However, despite setting up the endpoint to capture the webhook, I need to manually start the initializing process for the endpoint to capture the webhook instead of it doing it automatically.

I already took these steps:

  1. I created a new data type named “Subscription” and added all the relevant fields
  2. Enabled the necessary API endpoints settings for my app
  3. Created an endpoint named “subscriptions created” that automatically detects data from the webhook
  4. The data was detected successfully when using the endpoint URL ( for Paddle to send the webhook to.

But, when new purchases are made in Paddle and the webhook is sent out, nothing gets saved in my Bubble database. Any workarounds for that?

As I am not skilled in coding nor APIs, I have tried to read the manuals, browse through the forum, but have not been able to find a solution to this. I’d greatly appreciate any help!

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Your endpoint is

The initialize works just once (when you enable it) to allow you to map the incoming JSON.

So, in your payment app, just change the webhook url to

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Thanks a lot, @t_bubble! That solved it.

One last thing: the data is being saved in my dev database. Would you know any way on how to have the data saved in the live database?

Just remove “version-test” from the link.