Can I automatically initialize endpoint for webhooks in Bubble?

I want to have an app that allows users to connect it with Stripe so that the app gets every event from Stripe and saves it in database. So, I have many users and each of them want to connect Stripe account.

I want to implement it with webhooks.

Is there a chance to automaticall create endpoint in Bubble, create Webhook object in Stripe automatically and automatically initialize Bubble endpoint with Stripe? So, I want my user just to have button “Connect with Stripe” and once it’s tapped, Stripe for webhooks is connected.

I can’t use Zapier.

You need to setup the Stripe Webhooks in your applications Stripe account and have the backend workflows in your bubble app setup to capture and make use of the data from the webhook.

I thought that I need to initialize endpoint mannually for each new client. But it seems that it works for every client if they use the same correct link to already initialized endpoint

I saw a video that stated there was an initialization (endpoint) step as well. Allowed bubble to determine the json object structure.