Automatically Update Status to 'Closed' When Job Posting Expires

I have an app where users can post individual babysitting jobs. I’d like for a job post to expire and be automatically updated in the database as ‘closed’ once the date of the job has passed, without myself or the user having to manually close the job. Any advice?

Hi there, @calicass83… if I understand your post correctly, the way to go is to schedule a backend workflow as part of the workflow that runs when a job is created/posted. Schedule the backend workflow to run on the job expiration date, and have the backend workflow change the job status to closed.

Hope this helps.


Edit: if it helps, it could look something like this.

Scheduling the backend workflow when the job is created…

Backend workflow…

Thank you for the screenshots and detailed instructions…this was very helpful. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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