How to update app data without users intervention

Hello, Im new here.
I’m doing an auctions site but I’m having some problems.
Every “Auction” has got his own end date (It’s a date variable), and when the auction reach that date, I would like to change his status to closed.
But the only way I found to do that is starting a workflow in the page load and check for the date, if the date has passed, then change the status of the auction to closed.

I would like to do this but without any user intervention… To this happen, A user must enter to the post to activate that workflow and set the post to closed. How can I do this?

Backend workflows

Is that a plugin or something? I cant find it anywhere

You can access backend workflows by clicking on the page menu in the top left corner of the editor - backend workflows is at the very bottom

If you don’t see it there you need to enable backend workflows first from the API tab in your app settings

There you can create a workflow to change the ‘Auction’s’ status to closed, then when you create a new ‘Auction’ just schedule that workflow to run on the auction’s End Date

Scheduled workflows only work in the professional services, right? Or there is any other way to do it?

Ah yes, that’s right, you can’t run backend workflows on the free plan.

The only way I can think to do it with the free plan will be to do it in the browser, as you outlined above, using conditionals on page load to check the date and make the changes if the date has passed.

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