Automating Unique ID

Good afternoon,
I wanted to see if someone could possibly help me, I am trying to grab unique ids from a data type and place them under a separate data type within a specific field.
I am trying to run this as a workflow automatically when something is pressed.

In this case I am trying to make a messaging function without using a plug in, I have the data types Message And Conversation, within Messages I have the field content/text and within Conversations I have message list/ list of messages. I want when the “send button” is pressed to create a new conversation, and add the content of the multi-line input into the message list. But, the message list is only in unique ids for some reason, that is why I need to extract the unique id of the message that was just sent and place it in the message list.
What do you think? Is it better to just use a plug in for messaging?

It sounds like you just need to change which field you’re displaying to be message body instead of unique id?

Oliver how would I go about doing that because currently the data field “message list” is a list of messages, how would I go about changing it?
Also, thank you for the timely response and an eloquent answer!

Thats how it should be on the databse side of things, all good there.

On the front end you would display this in a repeating group like:

This conversations list of messages.

Then in each cell you would display the current cells message’s Body.

Hope that makes sense?

No it makes perfect sense.
When the “send button” is pressed the message is stored, under the data type “Messages”, but it is never added to the data field “Message List” which is under data type “Conversations”. I tried to automate a workflow that would add it to data field “message list”, but it doesn’t work.

If I preview the app, and type a message, and send it then I grab the unique id of that message and input it manually into the “Message List” it will display within the chat.

The repeating group pulls from the “message list”.

Can you share some screenshots of the datatype configuration page and the workflow and ill tell you what to change?