Building chat function and creating chatID

Hi, I am trying to build services on-demand native app. I copied a chat that had done on a previous tutorial to try to use it on my app. I am still a beginner.

Noticed the difference is that the chat had different pages for messages and a ‘chat room’. Building my native app I get stuck when customizing the copied chat and workflows on creating chat ID as shown in the screenshot.

When I try to create a message, I can see it created on the database but it is not showing on the repeating group. Kindly could anyone help me tweak it to work? Find screenshots and links to the project. Thanks.


Hey there,

The first problem is that I cannot get into the messages group in your test app. The is no workflow when I click on “chat” button.

I think the problem is with your send icon which is in a group without data source and overall your app is not saving the ChatId because the source you’re referring to is empty

here is a nice free messaging template, take a look at it and build it that way

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Hi there, thanks a lot for the advice. Let me check it out. I really appreciate it.

Hi again. I have tried using the above template and I have made major strides. However still not working exactly as I hope. Some issues with the data types that I am sending between groups and communication between then chat.

I have made the project ‘everyone’ can edit it. Could you help me make the communication go through while checking the two errors on sending data.

Thanks again for you help. This one will work for me nicely for now. Just a few tweaks I believe.

take a took at the debugger


Yes that is where I am stuck I need help. I have just updated you can edit. Sorry had not updated.

You will have to make changes to your database. I do not think you can accomplish what you want the way your data is structured.

You should copy the solution that you can find in the free template.

this group should search for conversations not users

Looks interesting.

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Ok, let me try to restructure it see if it works.

Thank you.