Autoscroll of RG does not work

Hi there,

I try to implement in my chat app autoscroll on a RG (adding pairs of pause + scroll to last item) while ChatGPT API is streaming. I have been experimenting a lot and realised some strange things. I use the conditional event (when streaming is yes) to start the autoscroll workflow, however nothing happens. I have checked, and the workflow runs when it is intended, but the RG scroll does not work properly:

Even more strangely, when I apply the same autoscroll action pairs within the original chat workflow (after calling the ChatGPT streaming API), it does the job properly…However, this way it is much less scalable, thus I wanna switch to the first approach.

Could anyone me out?
Or do you probably know other ways to realise autoscroll in chat using RG?

Hmm :thinking: Why are you trying to autoscroll? Is your repeating group not stuck to the bottom of the page and then goes up like a normal chat?

Yes, it is like normal chat, but once streaming starts it should scroll down as a new line appears. Without streaming there would be no need for frequent scrolling

I think I might have a solution. You can check it out here:

Editor: Chat42 | Bubble Editor

Preview: Chat42 by NoCodeMinute

Hope that helps! :blush:


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It was solved in the meantime, but thanks a lot for the hint! :slight_smile:

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