Available parking spots app

I’m new here and I wonder if this platform is a good place to start my idea for a parking spots app.
about the app:
basically it’s just a map that shows free parking spots inside a community (like a specific neighborhood for example).
also you can add free spots to the app by tapping a button that adds your location to the map or by adding the address manually.
Is it doable?

Definitely doable. Also doable if you want to sell those spots too :sunglasses:

Thank you for your quick answer,
do you know if there are any templates or guides for the things I mentioned?
because from what I saw it’s not a simple job…

Hmm. How much do you care to learn Bubble/the program you’re using to build your app? Templates can be a good place to start, but if you’re unfamiliar with Bubble, you’ll be lost in the customization process.

If you’d like to learn Bubble, which I recommend, search the forum for a course. Between a paid template and paid course, I’d pay for the knowledge any day.

Also, take advantage of the many Bubblers who offer coaching and guidance. Another productive cost.

The simplicity of the job depends on who you ask. I’d bet after a couple months of trial & error building/learning, you’ll consider this a simple job.

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