Hello bubblers, I need your help

Hello everyone,
Hope you are making amazing stuff with bubble,

I’m UX designer who works in San Francisco.
I want to make a map based service like Yelp. Is there any good tutorial? Where did you guys learn how to work with the bubble?
I found https://codefree.co/ which has tutorials but it is pricey for me(40$ per course) and it seems the creator no longer answer questions.
I’m also thinking about learning programming, which path do you recommend?

Thanks much


I learned using codefree.co. The course I took was 40 hours, so I found it easily worth the money. After that, I hired some experienced developers for 1:1 coaching over Skype when I ran into something beyond my ability. That worked really well for me. Additionally, I’d recommend @romanmg’s YouTube videos which are available for free. There are also a bunch of new options to learn Bubble so search the forums if you’re looking for something different.

Also FYI - You’ll probably want to look at buying a template from ZeroCode - I suspect they have something very similar to what you’re looking to build and a template would be a great way to start with a functional foundation.

I learned by just jumping in and figuring it out as I went along. Dive in…

Thank you so much man for the response, Zeroqode templates are look amazing. So I may try the codefree tutorials as I see it has the Yelp tutorial,

Thanks again,

Yeah I should just start working on it and see what happens next !
Thank you!

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