:Average and :sum missing from selection

Working with the data in my database, trying to display a simple average handicap for each player in my database. I created the text field, gave it a label, and run a search for the user, then selected the number field titled kyle handicap, however now where I want to select :average there isn’t an option for that. Just :count, and the other ones. How do I get :average and :sum etc to appear?

The data field in my table is set as a number, so what am I missing here?

Try using a hidden input field on the page to do the calculation, then reference this input fields number in the text field.

Hi @kyle4,

First of all, I know nothing at all about golf, but I’m a bit puzzled by the Kyle-vs-Peter data type. It seems to represent a match between two users, and it’s unclear why there would be an entire data type dedicated to just two users, especially since there also appears to be a Match data type.


But more to your question, I wouldn’t expect any aggregate math operators to appear until a field of type Number is selected. None of your screenshots show that a numeric field has been selected, such as 's Kyle Hole 10 for example.

So I originally created my application and I created a database called matches where I was going to have multiple users playing matches against each other but to get this off the ground running initially I decided to scrap that and just create a new database called Kyle versus Peter which allows two people to play an individual match match play. Within the Kyle versus Peter Database there are numerous fields which can attain numeric values, two of which are Kyle handicap and the other being Peter handicap. But I’m trying to do is simply show an average of my handicap through all the rounds I put into this Kyle versus Peter database.

In other words there will be a numeric value for Kyle‘s handicap just as there is for Kyle‘s hole 10

If you click on the 's Kyle Hole 10 item (or any other numeric field) in your second screenshot, you should see the aggregate operators. That’s all I’m saying.

(I can’t speak to your database schema. I’ll leave that to someone with golf experience.)