Average two sums?

I have a golf app in which players can be entered as either player 1 or player 2 in the database.

(Depends on who submits the match data, if they do they are player 1, if their opponent does they are player 2)

I have a hole by hole stats page on which I want to display an average score per golf hole (for the same golf course, all of this is on one golf course presently).

Trying to write the formula for this but having trouble. In “coding” terms it looks something like this:

player 1 = NAME then hole 1 (sum)
player 2 = NAME then hole 1 (sum)

I need to sum the to options by finding the user’s name and then adding to a total when found…the finally averaging the total sum product. Very basic math but this is hard in bubble. Attached are some screenshots of my current status, anyone that can help me would be much appreciated!

Does anyone know how to do this?