Avoid repeating group refresh + performance question

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I take a look on the forum but I only find answer for the reverse thing (keep a RG up to date)

I use a repeating group to show “current events runnings” but that list is subject to a lot of changes and I want the user to keep the first display he sees to avoid a cell to disappear.

  • So is there a way to avoid repeating group refreshing?
  • If I found a solution to not keep the RG refreshed, will I save CPU usage as the app will not have to reload data real-time?

I though about put the list in a custom state but there’s a lot of dynamic sorting fields the user can change.

Maybe try :make static

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I’m just curious, but why wouldn’t you want your repeating groups to update in-real time?

 Note that this works only within the context of workflows; it will not change the behaviour of repeating groups.

Found this on the :make static doc @david17

@johnny The purpose is to allow users to check a list and select an item, but I don’t want the list to change, elements to disapear/appear, go to top, … Since the data is changing really fast

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Oh, I thought you could use that to “display list” that wouldn’t update…