Whats the refresh-frequency of RG's and numbers?

i have a Repeating-group that shows items from a list based on certain constraints, and also a text box showing the # of items in the Repeating group.

On the same page the user can “create new” and “modify” items.

I expect the repeating-group to refresh, and the text-box to recalculate immediately after any changes, so that it always reflects in real time.

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen always immediatelly, i have to refresh the page which i don’t want.

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Could you reset the data source or something like that to force a refresh of the RG? …I don’t know whether this will work. Just brainstorming.

I notice this behaviour too. It seems very random. Sometimes an item in a RG changes instantly in another user’s view, sometimes a refresh is needed.

Not sure if this could also be a browser issue, but I’d like to find out too!

I am 100% guessing here, so please don’t take anything in this post too seriously.

I have an internal, unvalidated assumption that a repeating group will update automatically if the data source is something like, “Current User’s Stuff.” I also have an internal, unvalidated assumption that a repeating group will not update if the data source starts with, “Do a search for…”

Why do I think this? In my mind, the “do a search for” seems to tell me that it’s grabbing a snapshot of all the data that matches that query at the time the query was made, while the “Current User’s Stuff” is just returning all the entries on that list.

Like I said, I haven’t tested it and could be totally wrong, but in my tiny little bird-like brain, this is what was invented as an answer.

That could make a lot of sense, however, I’m seeing items update one time and then not on another occasion.

Now I don’t have to wonder if I’m secretly right!

Thats true.

And i don’t understand how bubble users can go on with their lives and not being bothered by this problem. any app probably uses multiple repeating groups with constraints.

Its the first app i’m building in bubble, and if this problem is here to stay, i dont see how i can use that app.

any other solutions?

Don’t do anything crazy! The community is here if you need to talk…


Dont worry, will just blow some bubbles till i get an answer…

In all seriousness, did you file a bug report?

Come on, who doesn’t use a repeating group in an app? this cant be a bug

That’s why you should file a bug report…

As a sanity check add a custom state Boolean and toggle this when you make a change or whatever. Set to conditioning in your repeating group based upon this for a different source but with the same conditions, this forces the situation may help validate what the issue might be.

I actually use this for API calls in repeating groups which will only actually refresh on a page refresh which is obviously not conducive to the user experience. I simply create exactly the same API call with all the same conditions just give it a new name and then when the custom state changes set the repeating group to the 2nd API call which is actually exactly the same as a 1st. Seems to work okay

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