Avoid same date multiple times within a chat or somewhere else

I am working on a chat system and whenever a new chat is created, I want to display its “Creation Date” on top.

The problems that I am facing is that when multiple chats get created on the same date, then the same date gets displayed over all the chats. What I want is to only show a date once per day no matter how many chats get created.

I have added the screenshots of my design structure and problem preview. Any suggestions/help will be appreciated.


Screenshot 2022-09-20 163423

Screenshot 2022-09-20 163333

This requires a conditional on the text item or it’s parent group (however you have it constructed)

If repeating groups list of data item #:this cells index -1’s date: extract data = this cells date: extract day 

Item is hidden

Its a great logic but there is an issue here:

The conditional does not allow doing this (#:this cells index -1). It does not show any math afterwards rather demands for some data type selection.

Hence we cannot get the previous element

Screenshot 2022-09-21 002129

Screenshot (194)

you can use the new experimental feature. check your settings.

@jared.gibb Thanks a ton there!
It fixed the issue in an instant and your help is pretty much appreciated

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