Repeating group created date show only first item per day

I created messaging application but here i want to display only first date
ex : today we have 10-20 conversations but for first chat i need to show today and rest hide same way for pervious dates also

How can we achieve this any ideas?


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Hellllo :slight_smile:

I need the same solution, “when this item is the first item of its day → this element is visible”.

Did you found a solution ?

maybe it the wrong way to do it …

I have finally found a solution

the way is to compare the item( named Jon for this exemple) creation date to all items with a creation date between Jon’s creation date change second, minute, hour to 0, and Jon’s creation date change second to 59, minute to 59 and hour to 23.

You take the first item of this list, and when this first item is current item you can creat your conditional as you wanted (visible or not…).

if there is a better solution i’m here to learn it :wink:

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