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Avoiding User Activity During Workflow


Does anyone have any ideas for keeping users from clicking, etc. while a workflow is running? I am concerned that they will click another button and foul up other workflows. Wondering what everyone else does, trying to balance user experience with safety of data.


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Have a display a loading message when condition is true for page loaded (entire)

You can find all that in the workflow. I personally use gig loading animation beside elements that require the to load.

I show the loading elements when workflow starts and hide it when it’s finished

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Does anyone know if a user hits escape or closes the browser window If that can corrupt the workflow? Can this be avoided? Perhaps by running them via API instead?

The API workflows run in the background, so should be “safer”.

However you might also want to build in some transaction state processing if your workflow is long.

For example, if you creating an invoice thing with some complex processing, you could have the last workflow action as updating the invoice to “processed” from “processing” for example.

That way you a) know the extent of the problem (which may or may not exist) b) can handle the incomplete transactions.

Thanks Nigel… I think I am going to move anything involving more than 2-3 steps over as an API. It would be amazing if there was a way to select workflows to run in the background as an option.

That is certainly possible, and people have been using it where they way to create a bunch of new things from a list.

My only slight worry is that this is currently all a bit “hidden”. So if there is a failure in the API workflow, how do you find out ?

Fine question… I feel more confident in my logic I’ve written in to them than I do my users not hitting escape or clicking another button in middle of a workflow. Lesser of two evils I suppose?

Yes, the server logs should show you if it worked.

Once a workflow is triggered, and create a data base thing, it’s run on the server, so it’s running even if you close the tab.