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Running Workflows Via API to Protect Data

I referenced this within another post but feel it warrants a new topic.

I have concerns about workflows that take a few moments to run. My fear is that a user that closes their browser or hits the ESC button while a workflow is running and the progress bar is moving could corrupt the workflow process that is running. For my app, this would be problematic. It seems to me that running workflows as an API instead seems to run it “behind the scenes” and out of the user’s control.

Is this accurate, or am I missing something?



i don’t know about it and I’d be intereted as well by the answer. @emmanuel

it’s something I use to do for workflows taking a long time (calculation, pdf printing mainly). The limit of this, however, is that you can’t get the outputs. I tried using the action “Return data” but you cann’t use “Result of…” in the following actions. Maybe because this feature was not planned first to be triggered instantanously at Currend Date/Time but “in the future” as the action is named.

You should be able to pull the data back into a page, or watch for a field changing ?

Once a workflow is triggered, and create a data base thing, it’s run on the server, so it’s running even if you close the tab.


true, should work but I would not rely on it