Awesome Dynamic Timeline / Roadmap Element Plugin

Hello, Bubble community!

I’ve just released a fully customizable and responsive Roadmap / Timeline UI element plugin!
This plugin allows users to use dynamic data from their Bubble application (API data is supported as well).



:link: Plugin page
:link: Live demo
:link: Demo editor

Please, feel free to share your suggestions or ask any questions. I’ll be glad to help!
This plugin will be constantly improved based on the community’s feedback.

Cheers to no-code! :partying_face:


Looks amazing man!

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Thank you! :grin:

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Love It. Thanks for creating this, I’ll probably be using in my next app.

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Hello Joao ! hope you are well !

I have some questions regarding your plugin (it looks awesome btw !):

  1. is it like a repeating group where users can add events and then it will appear in the roadmap or is it only possible to add events via the DB in the bubble interface ?
  2. if for example (taking your live demo DB and example), a user adds an event of 2011, will the event appear in chronological order or at the end of the timeline ?
  3. Is it possible to add “separators” like the year ?

thanks in advance for your answers !!

Hello @Hitchiban !
Answering your questions:

  1. Yes!, the plugin updates real-time when workflows change the data;
  2. You can use list sorting and filters to show your data the way you prefer;
  3. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by separators :face_with_monocle: , can you explain it better?