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ZQ Drag-n-Drop Calendar - New Plugin from Zeroqode

We have just published a new plugin
ZQ Drag-n-Drop Calendar - This plugin is a powerful calendar with fully customizable design and which connects directly to the Bubble database.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit

If you have questions about this plugin or need any help, please reach out at

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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A couple of things that are important for me in regards to a calendar.

Can you set a multi day event?

Are you able to receive notifications from the calendar?

Can you put more information about an event on the popup if you wish?

yes, you can see that from the preview

you can use calendar’s triggers and create notifications through Bubble workflows. If there are not enough triggers we can add ones (like an event is added, or event is updated)

not out of the box, but we can add more fields if necessary

This is great!!! – great work— but it is missing a critical component… there needs to be an action for clicking a task… i need to open it up in my own popup and not the internal one. Without that function this will be hard to use since my use case and I imagine others will be different then just basic tasks. Is this something that is possible? :slight_smile: I need to be able to use my own layout for task editing.

It needs acitons for: 1-clicking on event and getting data. 2-creating new event.

SO i can say when adding new event, show popup XYXY and send this data.

It would also be helpful if the data coult be filtered based on a criteria other then just email

Just purchased this and it doesn’t work. Followed the instructions but nothing displays on the page. Not sure what I expected really.


i believe this should be possible, we’ll check it out and build it if is. I’ll update here

can you share some screenshots of your settings?

thanks, we’ll try to give you some feedback within the next couple of days

Hi @tom1 .
It’s hard to say now. The calendar is completely missing? or the data aren’t displayed properly?
If the second case, is the issue still there, if you use some fixed email like "[email protected]" instead current user email?
There is possibility, that you aren’t logged in to your app, so the email is empty, and no data cannot be linked.
Would you like add me as collaborator, so we can have look on it? by bubble account is "[email protected]"


Hi @karel,

The calendar is completely missing, even with a fixed test email.

I’ll add you as a collaborator, thanks.

@ryan8 we have implemented this and deployed an updated plugin version, we also updated the demo page so there are now 2 calendars - 1 for native popups and 1 for custom ones. Please check it out. Thanks!

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there does not seem to be a new version in the plugin upgrade list… do i need to do anything to get this?

Did you refresh the browser with the bubble editor?

Very slick plugin, great work!

I am thinking about using this for an availability calendar e.g. holiday rentals. But I have a few questions about its capabilities and possible future updates:

  • Is is possible to have a view/read only mode, so it can be used frontend for display purposes only and not allow user interaction for editing or creating data?

  • Is it possible to set a max past and future date e.g. user cannot go further forward on the calendar from current date/time + 1 year?

  • With the dropdown filters, is their anyway to hide specific options e.g. hide daily option?

I’ve also noticed a small bug on the external popups version of the calendar where upon clicking and dragging on date for multiple selection of a date range e.g. 5 days, the popup appears but doesnt have the start and end date, just the first selected date as both ranges.

Thanks & much appreciated,

hey Luke,
thanks, we’ll try to implement these features and fix the bug.
I’ll update here once it’s done
thanks again

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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We made a gif to better demonstrate this plugin’s features :slight_smile:


@luke2 hey Luke
we have fixed the bug and implemented all the requested features.
Please refresh the editor, install the latest plugin version, refresh the editor again and give it a try

@levon Hi Levon,

Firstly thanks very much for taking the features on board and implementing them. The bug with the click n drag bring in the full date range all working nicely thanks.

  • I cant seem to see how the ‘read only’ type mode works in the Editor or Preview - please could you shed light on how this works?

  • With the min and max date range all fine.
    Just to be nit picky, it would be ideal to specify a Min past date [dynamic data to use current date/time expression] and then another option for Max future date.
    Also when the max date or min date is reached it can then hide either arrow
    Just a user information thing.

  • The ability to hide and show the options is all good.

Just a few extra things:

  • Under the ‘SIDE MENU SETTINGS’ it would be handy to disable the side menu…although I suppose a hack could be a shape placed above to disable and hide for user interaction or mod via CSS.

  • Is it possible on a calendar to add a text element say on top of the calendar and then to use dynamic text e.g. ‘ZQ Drag-n-Drop Calendars current month formatted as:’ ?
    As it might be clearer to users the dates they are viewing or about to modify.

  • Last thing is something more specific I guess, but occasionally it would be nice to fill the dates as there will usually (in the case of holiday rentals) be only one event per date.
    Perhaps an option to fill the date (with the set specified color)

And also showing half days and change over days is required for display e.g.
Would be interesting if a workaround could be integrated?

But understandable this maybe outside the scope of the plugin.

Thanks again,

Hey @levon

Just wondering if you’ve had a quick chance to review my above post. Would really like to adopt this calendar plugin to my app - but one thing kind of holding me back is the ability to have more than 1 instance of the calendar - example 2 calendars side by side below screenshot, with 1st ‘calendar current date’ and then 2nd calendar to the right ‘current date + 1 month’. Would something like this be possible with the plugin at some point, like to able to set more than 1 calendar view at a time in advance (would need to sync when pressing next/prev month arrow icons)


Hey @luke2
sorry for not replying earlier
having more than 1 calendar on page is already possible, did you try?
as for your previous suggestions

we’ll try to add this

this one too

we’ll make the plugin return a state of the currently showed day (in case of a daily view), month, year so you can simply place a Bubble element on top of the plugin and refer to the plugin’s states

not sure if this is possible but we’ll check

I"ll update here once we progress