AWS Lambda function timing out in server side action

I’m calling an AWS Lambda function from a server side action in my plugin.

The Lambda function does some stuff and returns some data. However, it takes some time to do the stuff and I’m frequently running into the 30 second timeout limit that comes with Bubble server side actions.

What’s the best way to deal with this?

There doesn’t seem to be too much info on the Bubble forum on this topic. I note it has been suggested before here to set up two Lambda functions and have the first one trigger the second.

However, this method relies on a backend workflow for returning the data from Lambda. I would prefer not to go down this route, so if anyone had any other suggestions it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

The way to go is really to use a backend WF to receive a webhook when the lambda function is completed.


Move to Netlify Functions :roll_eyes:
Only solution I found. Or Azure Functions.

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Thanks @vini_brito!

I’ll be honest I’m not familiar with Netlify/Azure. Do they solve the timeout issue because they’re faster?

Or is there something else about them that makes them easier to use for server side plugin actions?