What is the API plugin's timeout?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how long Bubble will wait for a response for an API? I have a call that sometimes takes the server up to a minute to respond. Sometimes it goes through, sometimes it does not so I am curious if anyone knows how long it takes before Bubble decides to give up waiting… And is there a way to change that setting?

Thanks in advance.

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I have a backend api call that may take upto 2 minutes to complete and I need the response. Is there a timeout setting I can update?

Hmm. If it’s under your control, What about sending the response back via a webhook?

What takes two minutes? That’s a long time

An extensive analysis of a long text document.

I have control over the API so I can modify the response. I’m not familiar with webhooks, how could that solve my problem?

I guess a better question is, is it timing out for you?

Wiith a webhook, your API could simply respond that “yes, i’ve got your request” and then send back data once the run is complete. it would send it to a backend API workflow to intake the data, and process the results accordingly. hence, you don’t need to even worry about longterm connections.

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I once asked the support by email, and they told me it’s 60s. Unfortunatly, you can’t modify this setting

Is it possible to show the webhook response in a field in the front end?

Is it possible to trigger an event so that when a new row is entered into the DB (would be from the webhook) , and a column in the row has a certain value, then update a field in the UI?

Sure thing. The UI should always show up to date data from the DB.

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Check this out :slight_smile: