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🧾 ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ AWS Textract - AI Invoice & Receipt OCR [Now with Automated AWS Environment Setup!]

Hi Bubblers !

With this plugin, you can extracts relevant data such as contact information, items purchased, and vendor name, from almost any invoice or receipt without the need for any templates or configuration. Invoices and receipts often use various layouts, making it difficult and time-consuming to manually extract data at scale.

Amazon Textract uses ML to understand the context of invoices and receipts and automatically extracts data such as invoice or receipt date, invoice or receipt number, item prices, total amount, and payment terms to suit your business needs.

Amazon Textract also identifies vendor names that are critical for your workflows but may not be explicitly labeled. For example, Amazon Textract can find the vendor name on a receipt even if it’s only indicated within a logo at the top of the page without an explicit key-value pair combination.

This plugin provides AWS Textract - Invoice & Receipt services in two request modes:

  • Synchronous request mode, useful for JPEG and PNG file and time-sensitive application.
  • Asynchronous request mode, useful for JPEG, PNG and large PDF file, time-insensitive application, requiring an AWS S3 Bucket.

:warning: WARNING: This service provides expense-specialised operations based on a document as input. If you intend to detect text in a general-purpose document, please refer to the AWS Textract - OCR Text & Data Plugin | Bubble.

You can test out our AWS Textract - Invoice & Receipt Plugin with the live demo here.

Enjoy !
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Hello Bubblers!

Just to let you know that this plugin has been updated to provide an automated script to configure your AWS environment :man_mechanic:t3:.


It would be nice to have a mobile friendly plugin for scanning documents too… auto detecting document and auto crops it.