Azure DevOps API Setup


I’m a month old non-developer bubbler and I think I found an area is too technical for me.
I love the opportunity to connect to any other system through the API Connector. I just can’t set it up properly.

I track and manage my development backlog in Azure DevOps as workitems. It would be great to create, update and read them from my app.

Is anyone using the API Connector with Azure DevOps?
One working call type as an example would be a huge help!
I’m just not technical enough to know how to fix the current error, what is wrong.

I found this description about the DevOps API:

And created this API Connector setup:

I’m not sure if this is the right authentication (created a personal access token in DevOps and passing that in the header). Well and if anything is correct in general, but as the MS documentation was quite detailed, I hope I’m close.

This is the current error I got in my browser (no record was created in DevOps)

Anyone could help with an example call or with a step-by-step?
Thanks a lot!

PS: I have a partial workaround using the Zapier plugin. I call that from Bubble then Zapier creates the DevOps workitem for me. But that is quite limited. Reaching DevOps directly from Bubble would be much much better.