Back End Throttling

Hi all - I am writing to you with a serious issue we are having with bubble here.

I use a 3rd party back-end and utilize bubble’s api connector to connect with them. We have a few (3) API requests that happen on page load. They all run insanely quickly within 3rd parties environment- see the screenshot below as it took .02 seconds to run the api in itself.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.43.42 PM.png

As you can see below, when I load the page in which those 3 api’s load within bubble directly, they each take 20 SECONDS to load! They are the long green lines on the right…

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.39.55 PM.png

Is Bubble deliberately slowing or throttling down my 3rd party back end on purpose to try and get me to use bubbles back end??? I need to get to the bottom of this in the next few days asap…

Please forward this immediately to your management… We need to launch on monday! Thanks

Your images are now loading :thinking:

not loading you mean? really?

No they aren’t loading. Not that they’d actually help. There’s just some overhead in using the API connector, and this is likely what you’re experiencing.

Hey Keith! Thanks for the input…

If there is overhead in the API conenctor here in that takes 20+ seconds to run an endpoint that takes .002 seconds in my back end., I would think that would be extremely concerning and bubble should want to know whats going on there, so id like to figure out what is causing the issue… and I assume this not working would essentially render bubble useless for thousands of bubble users wouldnt it?

Wouldn’t this effect all API’s

I haven’t played with external db calls but I have other apis, stripe, weather etc and I find them pretty good.

Is it just external DB apis that are the issue?

What is the experience with aws plugins for connecting the aws, are the available plugins for aws and fire base performant?

Are we looking at difference in speed with read via write api calls?

I think these are all interesting questions to get to the bottom of in order to figure out what a good option will be to the native bubble db

Yes I would think so as well! Which is my reason for being skeptical… I am skeptical because the backend is one called Xano, and I get the sense that alot of people are not using Bubble’s back end, and moving to Xano and just using Bubble for their front end (such as me haha)…

With that, and the fact that Bubble has made moves to change pricing this past week, I am even more skeptical… BUT, I might just be jumping to conclusions.

Anyways, to isolate it down a bit more to what seems to be the issu, the API’s that seem to go very slow are repeating groups that are essentially GET records from my backend, that essentially loa while the page is loading. In the “network” based inspector /waterfall for loading, it seems to be a “packet” i guess that is created as a “start” that seems to be the slowest (20+ seconds)…

Other GET API’s with same back end seem to load just fine. This makes it very hard to isolate here.

I haven’t tried AWS as the back end there, would it be worth it?

I am going to try and isolate this down even more here…

On my end, requests are shown at the same time as locally using Postman when I check the “Attempt to make this call from browser” and almost the same time when not.
However, I remember noticing some extra delay for some APIs, but not Xano - I have 5/6 apps running on Xano for their backends and the requests are not delayed.
I’ll be curious to hear what’s behind the scene on your end!

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Lucky you lol… Anyways, yeah I hopped on a call with the Xano guys and it did sound like other people are having a similar issue with Xano + Bubble. Will let you know when I have played around with it more to isolate the problem

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How do you do that?

Api from browser requires no authentication method.

I mean doing the call from the browser means no security, right?

Hi, I am just curious if there’s any solution because I have the same problem with Xano+Bubble. It seems they start throttling after the 3rd or 4th consecutive calls to Xano.