External API call frequency


Is there a recommended waiting time before calling another external API?
I am using Xano as a backend, and it seems Bubble starts throttling my calls after the 5th or 6th consecutive calls to Xano. These first few fired quickly, one after the other, then around the 7th one I have to wait some 10 secs before it hits Xano. (Xano responds in millisecs when it gets the call, so it is not having to wait for Xano but rather waiting for Bubble.)
I tried to space them out, adding 1-2 secs of waiting time between the calls but it wasn’t enough.

Is there a “best practice” for this issue ?


I don’t think Bubble imposes a limit before making another call. I say this because in my app, I have a ‘live’ feature that calls an API every 20 seconds. I’ve left it open for hours and it’s still working

In your case maybe not, because you wait 20 seconds between calls. But I don’t wait any. Try to call them every 0.5 secs and see what happens :slight_smile:

In my case, nothing will change. My data comes from Blockchain, and this data updates each 15 seconds.
Sorry, i didn’t know you request so fast.

Actually, I am stupid :slight_smile: I forgot that APIs are called immediately and they are not waiting for each other. So, the questions is: what to do when I have to fire 7 APIs in one workflow?

Well, it seems the problem is Xano’s free tier that allows only 10 calls per 20 seconds… Needs to be verified though…