Backend workflow to reset word count

Hi, so I am making an AI tool and part of it is a word limit. Under the user database, I have a number field called Word_Count, every time a prompt is generated, the answer is counted and added to Word_Count.

I am trying to create a backend workflow that resents the count every 30 days (would be based on the user signup date).

Below I have a picture of what I did, I’m not sure if it is right or how to test it without waiting 30 days (I switched to daily but still requires me to wait a day). So looking for feedback on if this is correct and if there is a better way to test it.

Thank you

Well it’s told you that your plan doesn’t allow you to use this feature.

Nevertheless, I’d use schedule an API workflow to run at Current date time + 1 month (I never use recurring events though I’d be interested to hear where anyone might find them better). Then update their count in that backend workflow.

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A recurring flow is run for the current user and has its own set and cancel action so a flow ID is not needed … again … when the current user is the one that sets it or cancels it.


I would follow George’s advice here and set things recursively. It anything … it will allow you to test things right way and not have to subscribe to a higher Bubble plan just to run things on a daily recurring basis. :wink: