Monthly scheduled workflow

Hi there! Hope y’all are doing well!

I’d need a bit of help with this backend workflow, as somehow I cant wrap my head around this.

So, I’d like to achieve this:

  • Monthly basis (depending on when the user signed up), the user’s certain field would be reset to

I.e: user has a monthly post limit of 25. Signed up 01.12.2022 → I want the field “Post limit” to be reset to zero on 01.01.2023 automatically.

Could someone help me with how it should look in the backend workflow, how I should set it up?
Thank you a mill in advance!

Hi there, @petyaaa6… if I understand your post correctly, you just need a simple backend workflow that takes a user as a parameter.

The workflow would have one action, and the action resets the user’s post limit to 0.

Finally, when the user signs up, schedule the backend workflow like this, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.



Hi Mike,

wow, so awesome! Thanks a million! :slight_smile:
And so it will automatically set that to 0 without the need of logging in?

And noticed that in the scheduled date, it’s +(years), I assume it would be (months) in my case?

Aw, man… totally my bad… I read the first date as January 12, 2022 because, well, you know why. :wink:

Yes, if you change +(years) to +(months), you will get the desired result.

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Thanks a mill!

And one more thing - sorry! :smiley: - , the type of backend workflow. Shouldn’t it be recurring? As it should happen every single month?

You can add a second step to the backend workflow that schedules the workflow again for the next month, and that step would look the same as the one in my third screenshot.

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Sorry, I got a bit confused :smiley:

This is the backend workflow:

This is the recurring event:

I’m having a hard time understanding the recurring event part. So, the way I see it, is that it’s going to do the Backend workflow, a month from the current date? Or monthly from the current date?
Also, User → Current user or Current Workflow’s user? :smiley:

Thanks really for taking the time to explain it to me!

You don’t need a recurring event. Add a second action to the backend workflow I showed in my initial reply, and that action schedule the same backend workflow again.

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Ah, meantime realised that you probably meant this. (Ofc not minutes but month, I just thought testing it)
This way, right?
User setting is good?

Yup, that’s what I meant.

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Worked. Thanks a million man!

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