Backend workflow update one row

Hello, I am trying to access my bubble database from the outside to update the client status.

So I have made a backend workflow (an endpoint?) called db_update and passing one key - purchaseID with that call

Then I try to add a new action > Data > Make changes to thing

And as a constrait I am passing the purchaseID from the request ( which is unique )
so there can be only one email returned, but bubble things there can be a whole list -

What could I be doing wrong? Thank you and have a great day!!

A search always returns a list (even if there’s only 1 item in it).

So you need to add:first item to the returned list to change the list into a single item.

Thank you! That did the job.
Also while trying to figure it out I realized that “Make changes to a list of things” also works the same (if the constraint is unique of course)

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