Backend Workflows Issue

Hello All! In my application I’m using backend workflows to create a thing to my database for an anonymous user. The problem I’m facing is I would also like to retrieve the newly created unique id to be used on the front end as a URL parameter.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

You can add the “Return data from API” action to your Backend Workflow and return a text that is the id of the created thing. Then add a post request to that endpoint in the Bubble API Connector plugin. You can see what the url will be in your Settings/API tab at the top labeled “Workflow API root url”. It will look like this: You will just need to add the name you gave your backend workflow to the end. So if it is called “create_thing”, then you will use Make sure you remember to remove the version-test from the url before you update your live version. Make that post request an action so it can be used as a step in your workflow. You will use this action in place of “Schedule Backend Workflow” action. Finally, you will be able to access the returned data through the use of “Result of step 1’s id”.

Note: There are a few boxes at the top of your backend workflow that may or may not need to be checked based on your privacy rules.