Backend Workflows appears blank

Just noticed that backend workflows have stopped showing up.
The view in workflow tab is completely blank.
This is not so with pages/elements only with backend workflows.
When switching from workflows of pages/elements to backend workflows it still shows the view for pages/elements.


I’m having this same problem. I can’t see the backend workflows on any apps. I’ve tried this in several browsers and have the same issue in all.


Facing similar issues all day! My backend workflows won’t load, requiring multiple refreshes for element tree rendering. Also, my live page scroll bars are a mess, and users report data disappearing and reappearing randomly. It’s been a rough day with the Bubble editor. I’ll be filling out multiple bug reports.

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I just filed a bug report. I hope they fix this ASAP! I literally can’t do anything, as I was planning on working on backend workflow stuff all day.

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Same, hope the issue resolved quickly

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Same issue with me.

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Hi Folks - bubble just got back to me and said they have deployed the fix. I refreshed my app and now backend workflows are showing up. Try it out yourselves and hopefully it’s working for everyone else as well!

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