Backend workflows disappearing in "Live" after deploy

When I deploy app to live, some backend workflows show empty (no actions in them). If I redeployed, some of them appeared but some are still empty.

It does seem to be a bug?

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Ok. It’s even worse. I discovered one new page had all the workflows (about 10) disappeared in Live after deploy and of course the page was broken. It took me two additional deploys to get these workflows there.

What’s going on Bubble?

Am I really the only one experiencing this?

@emmanuel ?

This is worrying.

Could you share screenshots? Both of the Test and the Live environment.
Did you try restarting the browser?

I’ll get the screenshot next time it happens.
And yes I restarted the browser. It isn’t that I cannot see the workflows, they actually don’t exist. Live functionality is broken that relied on these workflows. It’s not a local issue…

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