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Backend Workflows, Dates and Timezones

If you use backend workflows, it can be very confusing with dates if you schedule a workflow inside backend workflows itself. As you know, Bubble server is UTC. The new timezone will be in UTC and not in your time zone. It changes everything.

Here is an example UTC (Bubble) versus NewYork timezone, value: 02-03-2020 00:00

If you run the schedule by the backend (Bubble server UTC time), the final time will be 10 and not 15, even if you expect 15.

hour change to 15, result: 02-03-2020 10:00

If you run the scheduler from your browser, time result is 15.

hour change to 15, result 02-03-2020 15:00

The tips is… to have the same value with Bubble server or your browser is simply using “add hour” instead of “change hour”. I hope this will save people hours of debugging. :sweat_smile:


Hi @JohnMark would you know if this is the same behaviour still? I have a workflow that is scheduled at 10PM our time. The workflow schedules itself everyday for the next day 10PM and it seems to be working fine.

But I am not sure if that is just happening by chance or maybe it was because the first instance was initiated by me manually.

I am now setting up another workflow where I am doing a date comparison by “current time: change hours to 0” etc. and wanted to be doubly sure as to whether it will go to UTC time or my time.

Is there an official documentation on this?

Got an answer to my question. Posting it here for others’ benefits.

From Reference | Bubble

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