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Question regarding current time in backend workflow

Hi All,
stupid question.
so the current time / date is the current user computer’s time / date.

What is the current time/date in the backend workflow? it has to be the server’s current time date?

Current date time is just the current timestamp UTC+0. But when the date is displayed in the database or on a page, it’s will display you the time converted in the user time zone.

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@b.demontecler @hello.plannwin
I am jumping in here with a slightly related question. If I am making a call and the call parameter is set for ‘today’ which I believe is based on UTC(?), how do I make sure that ‘today’ equals the current user’s correct day in their timezone??

I have looked everywhere for an answer including sending a message to the API developer. It is a free API that pulls info daily and currently switches to the next day too early.

Apologies, I am not a coder. Is it possible that the API is basing it on Bubble’s timezone? And, if that is the case, is there a good way to set a condition to adjust to current user?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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