Backend workflows failing

I have an application that has been working fine for the past 2 years, but this week it’s weekly scheduled workflows started failing. I have some backend workflows to create groups based on a list of players, but it is not runnning smoothly. I did not make any changes on my end. Was there any major change done in Bubble that may be impacting this? I noticed some new text on the UI of scheduled workflows, so wondering if this may be affecting.

Thanks in advance.

You’ll have to go into logs and check on specific users where the workflow broke.

Check this.


In general it is failing to process my workflows, so not tied to a specific user, it is simply not running on all the entries as it used to do.

Thanks Newed, this is useful, it seems like it could be related. I’m trying to alter my app to run it in chain, but it is really affecting my workflows which are in production… I’ll continue with the suggestions in the thread.

Do you know if the feature enhancement can be disabled for my app?

Thanks again

Here’s the documentation for running workflows on a list


After reading this, I ended up adding a 1 sec interval for my scheduled workflows on a list and that solved the race condition causing me issues.

Thanks both!

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