Endpoint API workflow: POST wf/xxxx response


When I execute a POST wf/login and login via the workflow the response is



But when I execute a POST wf/xxxxx ( xxx name of the endpoint WF) I create a new thing via the workflow and the response is just Status

How can I get the ID of the new thing I just created in the response from the POST action?

Am I missing something?

Many thanks for the help.

After the create action, place a return data from api action (data tab), choose the data type text if you dont want the whole object returned, then reference the previous actions Unique ID.

@jarrad, Thank you! that’s what I needed!

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Mind if I surf the coattails of this post?

@jarrad how does the return data from API behave when it’s an “internal call”? Meaning: the app and the API exist in the same Bubble app?

The API returns the correct data when it’s a call from an external app. However I don’t seem to be able to get it to work internally. The data the API returns is a list of Fiberhoods (the Thing). I try do add an element action to display a list of things in a repeating group with the source: results from Step 1, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t seem to be a list but a Boolean. Any clues?