Background picture appear mosaic style instead of one picture in mobile

Any recommandation? In mobile the picture is duplicated many time instead of one full picture

Hi @zakaria.houssam :slight_smile: When double-clicking on the page and looking at the background image settings, is the image set to repeat horizontally or vertically?

Yeah thanks that solves the issue but I had to remove the video background first so an image is the background for all type of screen views. The options like “repeat vertically/horizontally” don’t appear when an image is the “backup plan” for mobiles, but I guess videos is a bad idea anyway, so I better stick to images:)

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Ohh, I see! Sounds good!! No problem at all! :slight_smile:

Hi, reviving this topic… I am trying to do the opposite, ie a mosaic (with a repeating pattern) as background for my index page. I do not see the options outlined above though (repeat vertically/horizontally), only “Center the image”. What am I doing wrong?