Background workflow

Hello everyone! I’m new on Bubble (I come from Adalo) and I need to know if there’s some options to set a background workflow. My users acces a page from a QR code and I need to know how many times the QR code was scanned or how many times the page was accessed (And I need to store it in database). Is that possible?

Hi @alexbarciog22 :wave:

Yes, this is very simple. You can enable your background workflows here:

Settings → API → [ ] Enable workflow API and backend workflow

To see/edit/create your backend workflows, just click at the top dropdown of your editor (the one you click to see your pages) that you will notice, at the bottom, the line “Backend Workflows”.

But since your users will have to access the page in order to trigger the workflow, there is no reason to create it as a backend workflow. You can use a regular one.

You can create a workflow to be triggered “On Page Load” to simply register that the page was loaded one more time in your database.

Thank you very much!