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BAD-CSV - works through database, but not workflow

I’m trying to set up an admin workflow so that I can upload new CSV files to my database. I can upload the CSV file without a problem from the App Data tab, but when I try to do with with a workflow, I get this error: Expected a List of texts; received: ‘[1:1 Matched Reference]’

2020-07-28 at 23.11.39

I know Bubble is expecting a list in the second column, but some rows have single items in their lists. Here’s the first CSV file.

Here’s the workflow’s first item.

2020-07-28 at 23.15.08

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Did you find a solution?

Yes! I abandoned this approach and now handle everything through the API. Once I got a few things in place I found it to be a better workflow.

I solved changing my list to a JSON Array like that [“Item 1”, “Item 2”, “Item 3”].

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