Base 64 to image file


I am using an API that allows me to get an image converted into a base64 string.

Eg :
iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAnYAAAFiCAYAAAB7+5XpAAEAAElEQVR4nOz917ckV5bmiX17n3NMuLr6ho5AQKvUpUVXtag1rOZwkYsz3T3FWXwYPvBvIfkPkHydtThP5Fq9uru6p6tFqe6srKrUQCITOvTV97o0dc7Zmw/mN+IiEEACSGQiANhvweHu5u7mdt3Mwz7f4tskIujo6Ojo6Ojo6Pj8w5/1BnR0dHR0dHR0dHw6dMKuo6Ojo6Ojo+MLQifsOjo6Ojo6Ojq+IHTCrqOjo6Ojo6PjC0In7Do …

I would like to convert it back into an image file and save it into the DB.
I looked in the forum but I could not find a solution.

Any help on this would be very appreciated !

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Hello, I am trying to do the same thing. Have you found out a way?

@Guillaume.b @eple0030 This plugin by @aaronsheldon

More specifically the “Write from Base 64” action

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Working like a charm. THANKS A LOT!

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