Hello friends, I would like to know it

Hello friends, I would like to know it.
How to convert and save an image in base64 in my bubble database through a Picture Upload?

Get picture uploader. When button is clicked, schedule API workflow with parameter file type file. In that workflow, create a new Thing. Thing contains field fileBase64 of type text.

fileBase64 = file's value:encoded in base64.

This should work no?

All the details are in the docs.

:encoded in base64

This fetches the contents of the file and encodes it using base64, which is a common standard used for passing file data. Use this for uploading files to certain APIs that require data in base64 form. Note: At the moment, this operator only works in server-side workflows. Running it in the web browser returns nothing.

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Thank’s my friend! This really worked. :sunglasses: :v:

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