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Bash terminal ssh

Hello everyone, I wanted to help to implement an ssh terminal in my application. I want to be able to control my server through my bubble application. How to achieve this result? My searches lead nowhere!

Thanks for posting! We do not support on-premise self-hosting at this time. If you need to host your application in a specific geographic location, we do offer Dedicated plans that can be hosted on most AWS regions. Please note that Dedicated plans start at several thousand USD/month.

sorry I think you got it wrong. I want to be able to send commands from my bubble application to a server and be able to check running processes and so on.

Are you thinking along the lines of building a clone in Bubble?

again I apologize, I’m translating from Portuguese-BR to your language. the idea is that my user can enter his IP/port, login and password in the bubble application and through that in another place of the app I would give the option to display a terminal (Linux) and the user already has access to your server, being able through my application to send commands to your external server

Ok, so what you want is to create this: Web Based SSH Client with SFTP, VNC, RDP - Shellngn Cloud
You will need to create a plugin that does the connection.
Edit: Web-based SSH - Wikipedia this can help your research (:

a research tip?

Web-based SSH - Wikipedia this can help your research (:

thank you, i will read a lot

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