Connect from external server to Bubble App database


I’m a total noob here with minimal bubble experience.

I manually created a db in bubble that contains various information.
I have a server that I would like to connect to that db to pull said information from via API.

How would one go about setting this up on the bubble side?

I really appreciate any assistance!

No a lot of thing to do. You can go in settings tabs / API and activate DATA API

Also possible to use Backend Workflow (API Workflow) and return data from API action

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Thank you so much for the link!

I just need to make sure I understand privacy rules, but I’m reading the article on that now.

Thank you again.

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@MoTheMighty welcome to the community!

This video might complement your research on privacy rules

You can access the Bubble app database from external server through SSH client. This allows you to establish secure connection to app and perform function through the command line interface,