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Basic List Creation Question


I have a really basic question. I’ve tried following various walk thrus here and using some tutorials and not figuring out what I’m doing wrong.

I want to build a basic interface with categories and subcategories, for example,

-Environmental Justice
-Climate Change
-Natural Resources

I’ve set up a basic interface that should allow me to add new subcategories, assign them to the relevant category. But,I’m doing something wrong and am not able to update the list.

I have two databases:

Category with fields Category Name and SubCatList
Subcategory with fields SubCat Name

I’ve manually entered the category list into a pulldown menu. Goal is for the user to be able enter relevant subcategory names into the input field and have them assigned to the relevant category name. (I’m the sole user for now)

No problem adding the subcategory names to the subcategory DB, but I’m not having any luck getting the list to update in the Category DB. I’m sure it’s something very basic, but for those of us with no programming background, the bubble syntax is not very logical. And I know this topic has been covered in this forum before but it’s difficult to track.

Image attached shows my issue.

And here’s the file I’m working on.