Editing or creating Categories/Sub-Categories

Hi all,
I am new to bubbles and I am trying to edit categories and sub-categories data from a template i bought. However I am having trouble understanding how.

The template often refers to “Parent group’s Category Name” which I understand fetches the Name of the Category as you can see below:

The front-end looks like that:

However, when I look at data types, I only see Category / Sub-Category data types created but nowhere I can see the different options (eg. motor, job, games, etc.). There is nothing configured too in the Option Sets section.

My goal is to define categories and sub-categories propietary to my projects. It would be great if someone can advise how best to do that?
Thanks a lot for you help

You need to look in the ‘App Data’ tab to see the actual data in your database…

Also bear in mind that your app has 2 databases - a development database, and a live database - and they are completely separate.

So, if you’re adding or editing categories and subcategories in your dev version, be sure to copy them over to the live version once you deploy your app to live (and any time you add or edit categories in your dev database)

Hello Adam,
Thanks for your answer. Surprinsigly, there was no data showing in the dev app databased. I switched to live and swtiched back to Dev and can now see the tables populated indeed - I’ll try to adjust the data. Thanks!

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