Bb format shows in text element

Hi All

I have a repeating group which is used to display text and images in a vertically scrolling, infinite feed.

On some of the outputs the text formatting is showing, as well as the text. This only happens in the text limited view, and when the whole text is shown the formatting disappears.

Can anyone suggest a fix?

I’ve tried turning “Do not apply bb code” on and off and that didn’t help.

I’m assuming the BBcode is actually part of the text you’re displaying , correct?

And you’re using ‘truncated’ on the text?

Hi Adam
The formatting is either copied and pasted into the field when the data is created or formatted using rich text editor within the app. Yes, the text is truncated using conditional formatting.

because of the truncated operator, the text is cut off before your closing color brackets for bbcode.

Ah, that makes sense. So, I need to find a way to identify formatting and add the closing formatting to the end of the text when it is truncated. Hmm, is that even possible? Or identify another way to limit the number of characters in the shortened text display?

You can also save another field without formatting that might help as well. Maybe :man_shrugging:

Yes…after your dynamic expression that uses truncated add in static values that would be the closing brackets

so something like Dynamic Expression truncated to 242 [/color]

Thanks Boston
Wouldn’t that only apply to text with colour formatting? What if there was some other formatting such as text size, or no formatting at all?


Then apply the same concept for the closing brackets of the formatting bbcode you are using

I’m not sure. This is not a problem that I am testing my theoretical solutions for…please test it out and report back here what you find from your tests.

I will try this solution, but the text content is loaded by users of the app. Therefore, I will have no control of the formatting used to create each post.

A snip from the database.

Excellent piece of necessary information to know what might or might not work

You’ll likely just want to restrict the users use of formatting options in that case, or for the purposes of displaying via the cards you showed in the screen shot which do not have all the details uploaded by the user displayed as you restrict the content to 250 characters for design purposes, you should for those cards, remove the BBCode altogether and just allow the formatting options the user choose to use on the actual page where the full content of what looks like events is displayed.

That sounds acceptable. How would the bc code be removed dynamically? Is there some way to recognise bb code and strip it using a condition added to the truncate condition?

Also, your help is very much appreciated, thank you.

Might be a plugin, but I’ve never needed one, so I have not searched for one that could do it.

Maybe create another post asking that question for others who may have done it chime in.

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