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Interesting Question re Text formatting (probably)

Is there anyway I can format dynamic text in this style? Seems possible, just not sure if anyone has done it. Or why they would do it… But I want to do it.

My image may not be clear. The first few letters are bold and allows people to read faster.

Thought it would be a fun whatever feature.

Doesn’t seem to follow any particular pattern in terms of how many characters get bolded.

But you could do this by using :split by on the complete text by a ’ ’ (space). This would result in a list of words as a list of texts.

Then run :formatted as textand for each item, insert the bbcode tags for bold text ([b] bold text [/b]) as needed. One approach could be to make the first 50% of the characters bold, so you could format the text something like [b]this text truncated to (this text's #characters/2:ceiling) [/b] this text :truncated from end to (this text's #characters/2:ceiling)
That way you insert the bold tags as necessary and you should have this result.

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Was working perfectly until I got to (this text’s #characters/2:ceiling). My editor doesn’t have parenthesis (or I don’t know how to enable them).

You’re a genius! Thank you so much. I’ll keep looking for how to enable those!

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Glad it helped!
Enable parentheses form the Versions tab on the Settings section:

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