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BDK [Enter your API key]

I paid $16 to install BDK in my app.
to test it, I add a button to run a workflow, using plugin: BN - Reload
and I see the [Enter your API key] button.
can someone guide how to get the API key?

Hey @ericwuu,

Sure thing, it depends on what plugin you are using, do you have the official name?

As for adding an API key, you just head to plugins, find your plugin within the list and click on it.

For this example, I will be using Sendgrid.
Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 10.03.57 am
Then when you are on the plugins tab, enter the API key.

Hopefully, that helps :slight_smile: .

My question is how to get the key?
(How do I know what the key is?)

What is the plugins title?

After a quick bit of reading on the BDK Native docs. I believe the API key you require is from

Did you find out the answer? I’m facing this issue too