BDK - How to force open app when the user navigates to the website in the browser

I have the android app ready to go and would like to force all opened links on mobile devices to open in the app instead of the browser. If the user doesn’t have the app installed I’d like to serve a notice where they can download it.

Is there a workflow that will allow me to do something like Page load → open app if installed → show popup to download app if not installed

you can get this done with a Firebase Dynamic Link

Inside BDK documentation there’s a part saying about that.

Inside firebase you create a Dynamic Link containing a link to where you want users to go… If any person clicks this link, it will open the app on android or ios. BUT, you can define that, if they don’t have the app installed, to open your store page (app store or play store)

But, if you still want to do a workflow like you described, you can add an element BN - Info, and when a BN-Info is received.

when BN-Info’s Native app is no → show a popup saying to download (for example)

(but it will appear even if they have the app installed but opened in their browsers)

Yeah, that’s not exactly what I need.

This sounds promising after skimming through the docs, I will check it out in depth. Thank you.
Do you think this will work for things like referral invite links? Where the user creates an invite link that has a parameter, sends it over to a friend, and that link will act as a dynamic link? So i guess my question is, can I create dynamic links dynamically? :sweat_smile: (Not sure if there’s a Firebase API or not, I’m fairly new to the service) Or have a wildcard in them for a parameter?

Edit: It’s built into the BDK plugin. Splendid. This should do the job, thanks again.

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Damn… I’m not sure about this, I don’t know if you could just send a parameter.

If you find out how to do it, please share haha

In workflows, there is an option for BN - Create dynamic link

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