Bdk native app features not working

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i have the same problem.
anyone please help

What is not explicitly said, is that you need to buy their $200 service on top of this plugin.

Then whats the use of this plugin? :astonished:

He told me i can use this plugin in any bubble page.:astonished::astonished:

From what I’ve read is that he is offering the plugin so you could try it out. If you want to deploy you will need to use his service.

I’m actually also reading that from the image context above.

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I don’t see an issue here. Everything is well explained. The service price is extremely reasonable.

that means i cannot use these native features in web browser.right?

you should ask @gaurav

That’s correct in most cases

Right. They do not work in web browser. They’re designed to work in his native app wrapper.

is it possible get refund?

I’m not sure where the confusion is… I literally mentioned in the next point and subsequent paragraph how you can preview your native app & that its’ a component of the bdk native apps service. Here’s where the preview mode is:

As mentioned in the link to the forum thread with more detailed explantion (which you’ve clicked per the screenshot) It allows you to build and use native app features without getting your native apps built first.

Originally I authorized the plugin only to people who had already purchased the native apps service. Only after bubble users’ requested and had questions about how features will work, I mad the plugin and preview mode available, so they can make a more informed decision before purchasing the service.

Yes. Features for iOS and Android apps are meant for use with well… iOS and Android apps.

From your message I thought you were asking if you could use the plugin in a mobile sized page as you referenced desktop and mobile versions + 3rd party wrappers. That’s a different question than whether you can use native features in your mobile browser.

Yes. Plugin purchases and refunds are handled by bubble support. So just email them at

Its’ explicitly stated in the plugin page, preview mode section and forum threads that (1) purchasing the native apps plugin is not the same as getting the iOS and Android app built (2) to get the iOS and Android apps built, you need to start a project at BDK Native.

If you’re going to state this, you should also mention that your expectation was that for purchasing the plugin ($16), you wanted a iOS and Android app. When I told you that wasn’t the case and reach out to bubble for a refund, you mentioned (quite rudely I must add) that “now I’ve got to screw around to get a refund” for literally dropping an email to bubble. Dropping the email takes the same time as commenting on this forum thread, so its quite amusing how you find time for this and not that.


Some people just want to bitch. And way too many expect everything for free, having zero recognition, or respect, of the work involved to create something like this. Complaining about a one-time $16purchase? Seriously?

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$16. Not $19. U are also making mistakes while reading. Take care.

Okey. Thank you. I will send mail to bubble.

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