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BDK Native Apps - Build before you buy

Excited to announce that BDK Native Apps is now open for everyone to try out.


  1. Start a project & purchase the BDK Native apps service
  2. You receive your native app & the plugin was authorized
  3. Start adding native capabilities into your bubble app
  4. Test your app with friends, beta and list to app store


  1. Install the Native apps plugin from the bubble plugin store ($16)
  2. Start adding native capabilities into your bubble app
  3. Test your app through the ‘Preview mode’ in the demo app when viewed on device
  4. Show it off to your friends, potential customers
  5. Start a project & purchase the BDK Native apps service, after trying & testing your native app.

Some cool things about the preview mode:

  • You have access to all the latest features in the preview mode
  • If you’re building an app for someone else, e.g. you’re an agency this could be a great way to show a working native app to your clients before they ask for it
  • Same plugin is used between preview mode & your native app. No need to rebuild workflows.

Oh, also the demo app, preview mode etc. are themselves built on bubble & bdk native :smiley:

Get Started Here



:raised_hands: I wanted to try your plugin for so long, but I had no mobile project coming up. Just bought that test version to give it a try, finally! Let the fun begin.


Looking forward to using it! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Interesting, hope to test it soon

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installed your testflight app on iPad, and it just crash right back to the home screen.

Are they (mobile) apps based on @gaurav’s BDK Native Apps service that have been released publicly so far? :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see some real-life implementations!

Hi @newlee,
That’s surprising. I have it running smoothly on my iPad and there are several others who have tested on iPad without any issues. Can you PM more details around which model / iOS version you’re using. Note that it won’t work for iOS versions prior to 9.4.

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Hi @Lucien,
There are quite a few that have already been released. However, I’ll leave it to respective clients to post here if they’d like to disclose their app and/or building experience, as its’ their right if they want to share more details.


Of course :slight_smile:

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I have my app in process but i can share it with you once I get there. Native app building works pretty sweet! It takes a bit to get a hang of it but i didn’t have to make big changes to my one page app. There are few updates that i’m looking forward: deeplinking with push notifications, options for camera cropping resizing, better native transition. After that I can create pretty impressive stuff!


@gaurav is the demo app different from Bubble’s editor?

Does your app have to be a one page app for this to work?

Hi @gaffneyantonio,
Not sure I understood the first question exactly…
If you’re asking whether the demo app is built on bubble or not:
Yes, it’s built on bubble. Its the page

The app doesn’t need to be one page. Infact, BDK Native is agnostic to the page itself. So if you had a couple of pages on webflow, couple on bubble, couple on shopify etc. it would still work :slight_smile:

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